Currently I have laid the foundation for several experiments and explorations into the power of WordPress for enterprise level clients. Some of the sites linked below are only fresh installs with no work yet done. Stay tuned. This post will be the key to all the experiments.

Multisite 1: General Experiments

The title links to the site we created in the network.

Plugin Tests:

  • General Plugin Test – Currently using it to test functionality of several plugins.
  • JetPack – This is a plugin with a lot of different features. Mostly social and workflow oriented. (source)
  • BuddyPress – On a multisite install this plugin has to be Network Enabled – ie. Forced on for all sites. This would affect all other experiments, so I may come back to this one when there’s a need. A better test of this functionality (as content is already entered) is at (source)
  • WPML – This Multi-language install uses the same plugin used for the Corma refresh. The plugin relies heavily on the theme being modified. (source)
  • TW Boilerplate – Creating my own base plugin to add wysiwyg tools, theme option hooks, and other common functionality for TW sites.
  • Languages – WPML staging site.
  • Age Gateway – testing age verification on site load. This one is BEFORE site load
  • Age Gateway 2 – testing age verification on site load. This one with a modal popup.
  • Columns – inserting a new wysiwyg function into a theme
  • Wunderflux – testing a new Theme Framework (source)

Theme Tests:

  • Subtle – This paid theme came with an importable XML with content for testing. Required the widgets, menus and frontpage to be set. (source)
  • Options – This theme basically gives a great dissectible example of how to create your own backend theme options that can be used to allow the client to change some higher level functionality easily. (source)
  • Child Theme 1 – Based on default WP theme Twenty Eleven – this theme uses just the bare minimum to be a child theme.
  • Child Themes 2 – Based on the Starkers / HTML5 Boilerplate. This theme is for all intents and purposes a blank page with HTML5 best practices baked in. (WP theme source | HTML5 Boilerplate source | Starkers source)
  • Pears – By Dan Cederholm. Source.
  • Origin – by TKenny. Source.

Multisite 2 Subdomains / WorkFlow Test: 

The purpose of this test is to replicate / test if the standard dev/staging/production workflow is needed in WordPress, and if Multisite can meet this need. A separate install as Production needs to be the primary site on the network.


 Still to Check Out: 

  • VaultPress – From the makers of WordPress, a security tool. (source)
  • BuddyPress – A plugin to turn WordPress into a Community. Mark asked me to look into it. (source)
  • Gravity Forms – This plugin is a paid Contact form that is apparently pretty widely used, heard about it at WordCamp. (source)
  • Domain Mapping – Make each site in a network have it’s own URL. (possibly check out the plugin) (source)