One plugin we bought for testing was Curator. This plugin allows content from child sites to be promoted to the parent site.

WP Curator is a plugin that will allow Super Admins on a multisite network to promote hand selected posts from across the network to the main site, in order to highlight the posts on the main page. You may also specify a category or tag to assign to the promoted posts once they are published on the main site.

Each post will retain the original permalink. When viewing single posts visitors will be directed to the originating site.

How it works.

1) I installed it… (I added these settings after this entire explanation, so the category was’t pushed)

2) I wrote this post:

3) On the front end of that child site I clicked the promote button:

4) It appeared on the parent site at


Some caveats:

– When I posted initially the first sentence was “This is a test post…” After it posted I changed this to “This is an edited test post…” – once I made this update the change DID NOT appear on the excerpt displayed on the parent site.

– From the parent site when you click on the title / read more you are directed to the child site. So, if there are changes you will see them on the Read More.

– The post was literally copied into the parent site’s database, and therefore the excerpt can be edited in the same way as any post. This effectively acts as a duplicated post; for better or for worse.

– You can’t accidentally double promote which is nice. I suppose I could delete the one and do it again to capture the edit.

Other Options? 

– To keep the literal content the same RSS could be parsed, but filtering may be an issue.